Self love starts with self care

A Word from our Founder

"These products have been created For You with the intention of making your self-care journey a little easier and your self-love adventure a little brighter. I hope these products bring you as much internal joy and external shine as they have for me whilst creating them." - Em xx

Our Story

For You Collective's founder, Emma Dillon, started this brand for one reason: to create quality self care products that actually do what they promise.

Emma, who is now the picture of healthy hair, used to struggle with dry and brittle strands that were overbleached and ultimately left feeling heavily damaged. In a world where so many hair care products exist, Emma felt overwhelmed and often disappointed with the products that were available. To Emma, this meant one thing: she had to take matters into her own hands and start the long journey of creating high-quality hair care that is clean, cruelty free, vegan, Australian made... and that actually works!

It took years for Emma to develop the perfect formulas for her two first hair care products, along with our qualified Australian Chemist. But when she finally achieved what she set out to do, all of that time was so worth it - and she couldn't wait to share these products with the world. After all, her goal was to create a beautiful self care experience For You.

Hair care is only the start of the For You Collective, as Emma believes there are still so many opportunities to simplify and optimise your self care routine. We can't wait to keep bringing you products that elevate your entire self care experience. 

Our Philosophy 

The philosophy behind For You is straightforward: "self love starts with self care". But we know that's often easier said than done, and we’re all busy. Online we're constantly exposed to complicated self-care routines that can be overwhelming and time consuming - and with so much available, we often ask ourselves, what should I really invest in? Well, we believe that self care should be uncomplicated. That's why we've broken it down to only a couple of products that actually do what they promised.

Think of For You products like your ultimate self-care partner... A good partner is trustworthy, reliable, and leaves you feeling your best - and that's exactly what our promise is to you. Our products are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients, are free of nasties like parabens and sulfates, are completely vegan - and will make you feel like a million bucks. We want you to leave the guessing out of shopping, and to feel confident with these self care products that we created For You.